Empower Transform People's Life.

Empower Transform People's Life.

Empower Transform People's Life.Empower Transform People's Life.Empower Transform People's Life.

Fengshui Master & Spiritual Healer

Elly Z. Lolly 

(858) 692-8282

Elly Zhou Lolly is an intuitive fengshui master and spiritual healer


 Fengshui is about the flow of energy (Qi). Energy exists in everything, from macro universe to the microcellular structure, living environment to personal space and mental thoughts. By adjusting the flow of Qi, it allow human being to prosper, living in harmony, find happiness and peace, increase overall wellbeing


Spiritual Healing of Wounded Child

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Many of the emotional and health issues such as abusive relationship,   low self-worth or self-doubt, heavyweights or eating disorders, and depression are related to our childhood wounds such as rejection, abusess, or abandonment.  Those wounds berried deep in a person's psychic, if it is triggered by certain frequency (events or another person), it will jump out at you and hold you back in time like an invisible hand. In order to move forward, we need release and let go of those energtic knots or and heal the wounds. 

During the spiritual healing session, by the guidance of the higher self, Elly is able to enter into the energy field( some call Akashic Records) help you unlock those deep knots or wounds, help you release those negative energy with love, forgiveness and compassion. and allow healing to occurs at soul, emothional and physical level.  

This distant healing process is over the phone or skpye since energy and spirit does not bond by time and space, that is why many adults are holdback by their childhood wound were unable to live a fulfilled life. 

Feng Shui Tips

In the video below, the seller received a full cash offer within a month after Master Elly Lolly fengshui her unit. Also the buyer brought all the artworks inside the house. 

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Entrance Represents Prosperity and Career


Fengshui Master Elly's elegance, presence & wisdom transformed me. She mirrored back to me that my life is all about work. I know this & want to change but hadn't made the change.  having her assess my house & make changes made all the difference. I ways know the inner reflects the outer so I tried to keep harmony in my house, but you really need an outside view. Someone else looking in can show you what you could't see yourself...

She does it with love & without judgement. This is so important because people get defensive about their stuff or attachment.  With her I just feel easy to let stuff go. It was fun & exciting. I brought new furniture, decorating & getting rid of stuff. Maybe I will post pics... feeling shy.   - Dr. Matea , Los Angels 

 Elly has worked with my Inner Child and asked me questions and gave my Inner Child guidance. This made me discover more about my Inner Child I had not been aware of before. For example I discovered my Inner Child had two aspects of it self. Elly worked with it. And through Elly my Inner Child got recognized in a sweet way that was very personal for me and had a lot of meaning. It worked because I could not even find my Inner Child afterward. There was a peaceful change in me. Thank you Elly for your sensitivity and help.        P. D., Canada 

这是一个非常奇妙的经验!我一直有一种亏欠的心情无法解脱,那天与你一次交谈过后,全身像是轻了好多好多,那是一种从来没有的感觉!谢谢你! Elly I love You! 是你的灵力将我多年的枷锁卸下了。 多谢多谢 -Tammy . This is an amazing consulting experience with fengshui master Elly , I always felt that I owe someone somthing, after one spiritual consulting session with her,  I feel so much light in my body and never had this experience before.  Thank you, Elly I love you. The shackle has been hold me down for many years finally released. Thank you so much -by Tammy

"Lots of "activity" so no opportunity to converse about the eternal - if you know what I mean.  After one fengshui with Elly and getting together with someone has been a lot of fun in advancing my relationship sector. " - Donna

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风水- 周易-心灵

Chinese language about fengshui. 

风水大师周立群谈论人与环境互动的关系,也是为什么她的风格与一般的风水大师不同- 风水人与环境。周立群乃周易创始人的后代, 以及宋朝周墩颐的第34代后人。 周立群在传承周易的基础上开拓她自己的一片天地 - 和谐 。





~ 周立群”