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Why Elly?

Fengshui Master Elly Zhou (Lolly) will help you transform stagnated or block energy into balance

Business mentors, wise advisors are key to success. Who do you listen to? 

Due to her inner gift which can sense energy in you, your home and business, with her experiences and knowledge, She is here to empower and assist you to create harmony, peace of mind, relaxation, happiness, abundance, prosperity and overall well-being. 

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Family Lineage

周公Duke of Zhou Dynasty 1100BC was one of Elly Zhou's ancestors

Elly's family tree traces back thousands of years to the Duke of Zhou in 1100 BC, China. Her ancestors were the authors of the “book of change”– I Ching. I Ching  is one of the oldest Chinese classics, a divination text which was used as an oracle to consult for decision making when people have exhausted their options based on their logic. Chinese Medicine, Feng Shui, Taoism, and Confucianism are all derived from this book of change. It is the backbone of the Chinese Culture, philosophy, and religion.  

She was also a direct descendant of another Chinese Neo-Confucian philosopher, Zhou DunYi, (AD 1017-1073). He conceptualized Neo-Confucian cosmology, explaining the relationship between human conduct and universal forces.  Zhou Dunyi was venerated and credited in Taoism as the first philosopher to popularize the concept of the taijitu (The Diagram of the Supreme Polarity). It shows our universe born out of a void of limitless potential, through the duality of yin and yang, with the five elements of earth (soil), metal, water, wood and fire to create all things on Earth.  

She was born in the culture revolution era where no religion or spiritual practices were allowed. However, her grandmother had always believed in ancestor’s spirits. She held all kind of rituals and practices in secret out in the countryside where they lived. Elly had the chance to participate in many of those rituals with her ever since she could remember. Her grandmother has been Elly's spiritual guider even when she passed to the other side.  

Elly's father was one of the pioneer industrialist in china during in the later 70s and early 80s. Elly watched him dancing through the edges of economic strive and political structure, survived through the ups and downs of the dynamic  eco-political environment .   Even though in this life time she fought hard with her parents for equality between son and daughter, to respect her for who she is.  However, her battle with her parents propelled her to discover another beautiful world beyond her parents and their parents, beyond tradition,  a world where each of us are connect to the source.   


Intuitive Fengshui Master Elly Zhou (Lolly) inherits the wisdom of I-Ching.

  Elly has been practicing fengshui since 2006 and it all started with her question about what was her life purpose.  While she was soul searching and universe guided her to a spiritual path and informed her to practice fengshui.  She resisted at first and thought that was not mainstream business, but universe has its way, there were many unexplainable events and encounters happened to her during those days. Until one day, she received a copy of her family tree from China, she realized everything  made sense and it was her calling. 

While she was practicing traditional fengshui for homes, she noticed the effect of human being (owner) to its environment. Both human energy and environment energy are effecting each other.  She spend many years learning and understanding the human energy in term of mindset, believe systems, emotion and its effect on physical body.   

On 12/21/2010, she created Temple Beautiful, a 501c nonprofit organization which helps people to align their mind, body, heart and soul, and transform themselves into their highest potential. 

In parallel to Temple Beautiful, she worked 8 years as project analyst in operation management for a multi-billion dollar wireless company on cutting-edge technology.  She gained tremendous amount of experiences and skills in research, metric, analytics, process, planning, execution, and management which fully utilized her economic degree, also provided her with so much experiences and insight on the business aspect of Fengshui.  

After send her son to college in 2018, she fully stepped into the world and doing fengshui and energy healing work full time, to share her gift and calling to empower all of us to reach success, health and prosperity.  

She also has knowledge of many energy healing modalities such as crystals, sound, colors and essential oils. She utilize many of these tools when it is needed for different people. She is also a certified aroma-therapist (C.A), working on her master clinical certification.  Please check out the website www.ArddaEO.com for the list of oils.  

San Diego Most Inspring Story by SDVoyager

Elly was interview by SDVoyager for the San Diego Most Inspiring Story- Meet Elly Zhou Lolly of Z Empowerment. 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elly Zhou Lolly.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.

Z empowerment Inc. was created to empower people and companies to achieve prosperity, health, harmony and success by utilizing the ancient wisdom of I-Ching (Zhou Yi)

I-Ching (ZhouYi), the classic book of change, was written by one of my ancestors around 1100 BC. It was used as an oracle. The Feng Shui, Chinese medicine and philosophy were derived from it.

Feng means wind and Shui means water and both elements represent the flow of energy where the Chinese call it Qi – the vital life force. Initially, fengshui was used to locate the best burial ground for ancestors because Chinese people believe their ancestral spirits will watch over for them forever, therefore their burial ground needed to be the most auspicious place on earth. Later it extended into the home and living space. The goal of Feng Shui is to balance the energy where the Qi flows smoothly without stagnation, in order for any living being to prosper and succeed.

Now I am expanding the Feng Shui practice from the traditional practice of home into human beings and business, going back to the principle of I-Ching and its application. The basic building block of I-Ching is Ying/Yang, heaven, human and earth and its dynamic relationship. Only by understanding the human energy (aura) can we understand our complicated relationship among each and its effect. Our health, wealth, success and wellbeing all depend on ourselves, and we are truly the creator of our own world.

I intuitively perceive the subtle energy within humans themselves and the environment. I had 20 years of experience working in legal and business operations, as well as more than 10 years of experience, learning, understanding, and mastering the spiritual world of energy. Energy is the fabric of the universe and it connects us all. It is the cause and solution of all of our problems. However, the polarity of science and religion divided the world of energy into two.

I have wanted to incorporate these two worlds together for last few years, finally in 2018 the time was right for me to follow my passion and calling, I integrated this two world and started my own business – Z Empowerment Inc. where I can utilize my gift and experience to help people understand themselves better, to shift any stagnated energy into balance, and in turn reach prosperity, health, success, and harmony. This same principle applies to business since the corporation by definition itself is a company or group of people authorized to act as a single entity (legally a person) and recognized as such in law.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
This is not a smooth journey. There are setbacks, crisis, changing courses, and difficulties to truly follow my heart desire.

I was born in China during the cultural revolution time where there was no religion or spiritual practice, and living conditions were very poor for most people. However, I grew up under the influence of my own family where my father was a pioneer and industrialist who strives for better living conditions for our family and the village people around us, he live on the edge of political and economic tide waves not knowing when one side might crash him, because of his bravely and he set an example for many to follow. In year 1990, I was sent to overseas to study western business management, the goal was to return to China later to help further expand the business to meet international standards and compete for a global market.

However, life is full of uncertainty and choice, and I choose to follow my own heart and come to the USA in 1995 for a marriage, in exchange I had to cut off my connection to my families wealth, relationships, economic and political tires in China. But with the “I can do it” attitude I finished my education in college and worked in a legal environment, striving for economic wealth. Until one day in 2003, a car accident happened and altered my life once again. With brain concussion that leads to a divorce, and some early-stage cancer. my world turned upside down and I started to question my life and purpose.

My physical and emotional wound lead me to a spiritual journey. In the process of healing, I ventured into a different world, a mystical spiritual world where I found the cause and solution to all my issues, energy. mental thoughts are energy, emotional waves are energy, the physical body needs to convert food into energy to function. Energy existed in many forms and it is the fabric of life. By changing my thought to realign my energy body, I was able to heal my brain concussion and cancer in a non-conversational way.

In 2010, I founded a spiritual temple called Temple Beautiful to help people learn how to realign their mind, body, and spirit. However, I also noticed that I lived a parallel life with two sets of friends and communities which one may not understand the other. One world consists of many left brains logical hard-core science-based engineers and scientists, and other world consists of people who believe in fairies and spirits. I always wondered why these two worlds could not be combined, we are all human beings and simply believe in something different.

In order to integrate these two worlds, I had to build a bridge and start with myself. Two years ago, I started preparing my transition out of a high-tech company I worked with. Finally, on 01/18/2018, Z Empowerment officially opened its doors to the public, to empower, to teach, to educate, to help people know themselves better, to help people look beyond the polarity of science and religion, to see Ying and Yang, past and future, fear and love, life and death, and to know that they are the creator of their world.

Z Empowerment Inc – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?

I am a Fengshui master and also an energy healer. I provide integrative Feng Shui services to individuals, homes and business which make my services differ from other Feng Shui masters. Many Feng Shui masters or practitioners follow the traditional Feng Shui principle which was based on the 8 Gua, it divides home and business into 8 areas and provides suggestions for change. They don’t have the intuitive ability like me to perceive human energy and its effect on the environment.

What made my business special is that I am here to empower people to know themselves better and make wise decisions.

The services I provide are as follow :
1. Individual consultation for people who are stressed, stuck, depressed, feel disconnected, or have issues with love life, etc. to help them understand their own energy patterns and allow healing to occur and transform.

2. Fengshui services for home. Observing the dynamic energies of the home in relation to prosperity, marriage, relationships, fame, wealth, knowledge, and health. as well as providing suggestions for change.

3. Fengshui services for business. Observing the dynamic energies of your business in relation to prosperity, health, success, and provide assessment and advice to incorporate into your business decisions.

4. Executive Package. Observing the dynamic energies in relation to personal life, home and business, and providing suggestions to improve your health, success and wellbeing.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
Proudest moment was when I had open house celebration with lion dancing on 02/18/2018. The moment when the lion enters the door of my office, I can feel the energy and know that I finally did it. I know this place will benefit many people, and once again I am following my heart and calling.

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2018 Chinese New Year Celebration

As the founder of Temple Beautiful.org, Elly was being interview by SoSun San Diego media for our amazing Chinese New Year Celebration with Lion Dancing, Chinese Guqin music and Harp performance.


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