Fengshui Services

Home Service

Utilize the Fengshui principle derived from I-ching BaGui 八卦 to examine the dynamic energy of your home in  relation to prosperity, marriage, relationships, fame, wealth, knowledge, and health. Provide suggestions to help you shift any stagnated energy into balance, and allow Qi to flow accordingly. 根据周易八卦,五行来看看你的事业,婚姻,子女,名气,知识学业,贵人 跟健康 方面的问题,帮你调整家里的气场,    

Small Business Service

For small business,  or profession offices such as lawyer, accountant, psychologist, coaches, dentist and etc, will exam business in relation to general prosperity and health, by looking at the orientation of the business building, structures, accessibilities, seating arrangement, goods and services, and provide suggestions for change.  小型公司风水服务,或者一些服务性公司如律师事务所,会计事务所,心理医生,牙医,美容,美发,以及其他服务类行业

Business Corperations

For medium size business, will exam the business in term of market/sales, branding, operation, service and products, resources, customer service, market competition and leadership, and provide suggestions for change. 公司下面有部门的企业,  除了看公司的场地,建筑,还要看公司的内部管理机构, 为公司的 市场/销售,品牌,运营,服务和产品,资源,客户服务,市场竞争和领导力 做一个分析,提供建议。  

Executive Package

The executive packages are designed for busy executives.  will visit your home, business to observe the flow of energy and provide you with suggestions to help you improve your health, success and wellbeing.行政套餐:为你个人,家庭,以及公司做一个综合性的分析, 看看有哪些地方需要改变。

Online Fengshui

Provide online, video or phone consultation of your home if you are outside of San Diego Area.  Please email the blue print of your home, name and address to info@fengshuiwellbeing.com ahead of time.  提供电话,视屏风水服务,请事先准备好你家房子的蓝图,照片 邮件给 info@fengshuiwellbeing.com

Spiritual Cleaning & Healing

Provide one on one  individual spiritual cleaning  and energy healing.  Assist and help you transform negative karma, emotional and spiritual suffering into wisdom and love, for a better relationship and prosperous life. 提供个人心灵指导以及调理, 帮助你聆听自己内心深处的心灵之声,转负能量为正能量。

Frequently asked questions about Fengshui


What is Feng shui?

Feng means wind, Shui means water, both elements are about the movement and flow of energy which the Chinese call Qi. Qi-energy exists in our bodies, on the earth and in the universe. Fengshui is about balancing energy between human being, the earth and universe.